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The 32 names of Durga – for strength, happiness and harmony

Saturday mornings, 9.30am at Balbero's in Edgbaston

Most Saturday mornings, a small group of us meet at Balbero's house close to Edgbaston reservoir, to chant Durga Path.

This is a recommended practice for strength, happiness and harmony. Swami Satyananda said "Another very powerful mantra is the thirty two names of Durga. It has cured and solved many difficult problems which have perplexed even me. Beginners will take five minutes to do one round of this japa, but later on it takes about three to four minutes. It is never done verbally, mentally or in whispers. You have to chant it loudly and pronounce each name clearly."

Hence the value of group practice. We normally practise Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya mantra & Ganesha mantra first - just small numbers of each and then a number of rounds of Durga Path. If you don't know the chant, it doesn't matter, words are available and you will pick it up. Normally we would finish with a cup of tea though, if you need to go sooner, that's also OK. About one hour altogether, very well spent in our experience.

It's an uplifting practice and everyone is welcome; you don't have to commit to regular attendance, just come when you can.

Please contact Balbero to confirm that we are chanting on the day you plan to come for the first time.